Green Valley Spices

For over 30 years Green Valley Spices has been offering only the highest quality herbs and spices from all over the world. Green Valley Spices provide you with a detailed information guide regarding the benefits of the many different teas – a secret that tea drinkers have been hiding for years.

So why not experience the taste of Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and South America from Green Valley Spices, located opposite Coles.

Thu 7th Jul
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri 8th Jul
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat 9th Jul
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun 10th Jul
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Mon 11th Jul
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tue 12th Jul
9:00 am - 7:00 pm