Kale pakora & minted raïta

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● 1 x Onion red chopped
● 1 x Small cucumber diced
● 1 x Kale chopped bunch
● 1 x Carrot shredded
● ½ a bunch of Coriander
● ½ a bunch of Shallots
● ¼ Cabbage (shredded)
● 4 x cloves of Garlic
● Cumin seeds
● 1 x tsp Cumin powder
● 1 x tsp Coriander powder
● 1 x Chilli red chopped
● 150 g Besan flour
● 150 g Gluten free self raising flour
● Water 200 ml
● Yogurt 250 g
● ½ bunch of Mint
● Salt / pepper
● Oil or ghee

1. Start by making the raita, dice the cucumber in small cubes, chop ½ of the red onion, mix in with yogurt, chopped mint and pinch of cumin, add salt, pepper for seasoning.
2. Allow to chill in the fridge.
3. Mix the rest of your ingredients together well,leaving aside water. Incorporate a little bit of water at the time. Tip: The mixture should be moist but not runny.
4. Heat up a pan on medium heat with some oil (or ghee), and start cooking the mixture by making little patties. 2 minutes on each side till finishing all the mixture. Place aside on a platter keeping them warm.
5. Serve with the chilled raita.