Top tips for selecting the perfect school shoe

With the holiday season over it is now time to start thinking about Back to School and with that comes so many things to think about such as stationary, hats, uniforms and one of the most important items we would have to say is your little ones shoes for the new school year.


This is where Spendless Shoes has you covered to help you find the perfect school shoe for 2018.


So here are our top tips for selecting the perfect school shoe.


The best place to start looking for your perfect school shoes is either on our website Spendless Shoes or in one of our stores where you will find a range of styles. The perfect type of shoes does depend on your little one and this includes whether they prefer buckle straps, laces or even velcro. Spendless provide all different styles of school shoes which also include leather such as our favourites Jilly $49.99 and Student $44.99 which have a buckle strap to other styles such as Tutor $44.99  and Educate $44.99 which has laces and or even you could go with velcro as seen on our School style $44.99.

How can I purchase my perfect school shoe?


You can purchase your perfect school shoes a few ways. One way is through our website Spendless Shoes which allows you to choose a few shipping options such as standard or express shipping. Another way you can also located school shoes is through our website ‘find in store’ locator which can see if the shoes you are after are at your nearest store. You can also visit one of our 220 locations Australia wide where our friendly staff can help you locate your perfect pair of school shoes for the new school year ahead!