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Meet Sharon - The Cake Gallery

Tell us about your store? 

The cake shop here has been established for 9 years. Me and the family have owned and operated the store for 3 years and we are constantly testing and trialling new cakes & desserts!

What's the most popular dessert or cake you have? 

Our new vanilla slice is great value - only $5.50 - and it is seriously large in size (bring your knife and fork!) - with delicious layers of thin pastry, custard and cream and sprinkled with pastry flakes and ice sugar - it is yum! 

..and what's your favourite? 

Believe it or not - i don't even eat cake! I just enjoy bringing everyones ideas to life with our cakes and seeing our customers excitement when they collect their cake and return year on year! 

What's the funniest request you've had for a cake?

Oh our customers don't hold back - from their 18+ ideas to the nicknames on cakes, they certainly make me laugh (and just too rude to mention!)

What do you love about the community at Casula? 

I love how multicultural the community is, from our regulars who visit for a slice of cake and a coffee to the repeat customers who order a new themed cake for their kids birthdays. There is always an occassion to celebrate and i love getting to know our community along the way! 

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