Beauty & Health

Meet Preeti - Priceline Beauty Advisor

How big is your team at Priceline Pharmacy Casula?
We’re a team of 54 members and still growing our amazing Priceline Pharmily! I personally lead a team of 5 beauty advisors within our store.
What was your first job?
I’ve spent my entire career in a Pharmacy. It all started in Brisbane, then down to Canberra and finally we settled in Sydney.
What do you get up to when you aren’t in the store?
When I’m not in the store I’m off being a super mum to my 2 beautiful children. School runs, shopping, homework, cooking and exploring new recipes to try!

What is your favourite season and why?
If we’re talking about the weather – it’s Winter for me. I love rugging up! Professionally though it hands down has to be the Christmas Season!! It’s the most stressful and crazy time of year yet the best time and most fun. I’ve been a Priceline Casula team member for almost 13 years and I’m happy to say I’ve never missed a Christmas here yet!
What’s something people might not know Priceline Casula offers in store?
 We do so many different things in store such as beauty consultations, ear piecing, eyelash applications plus compound medication. Our community don’t always realise we make medications from scratch here in store to an exact strength and dosage form to improve patient’s treatment and outcomes.
What made you choose to work in Priceline Pharmacy Casula?
As a teen I always shopped at Priceline. It’s a one stop shop. When my daughter turned 1 I joined the team here and it was the best decision I made. This place is my second home and I’ve gained a second family here.