Meet Oscar & Rio - Enzo's Cucina

We caught up with Oscar - co-owner of Enzo’s Cucina Casula! Oscar along with business partner, Rio took over the store in January 2020 and have been loving it since!
What led your decision to take on Enzo’s Casula Mall?
I have a passion for food and for leading a team to provide memorable dining experiences, plus I love the authenticity of the Enzo’s Cucina menu – so it was an easy decision.

Tell us a bit about your store?
Enzo’s Cucina has a mission to provide affordable, friendly and authentic Italian dining to its communities. The food is traditional and always made with love. Our goal is to create impressive and memorable dining experiences.  

What is the most popular menu item?
The Casula community love their meat! All our meat options are super popular but I’d have to say the most popular pasta is the linguini paesano – a delicious combo of pasta, chicken, avocado sundried tomato and paired perfectly with a pesto cream sauce.

...and what is your favourite?
Linguine Boscaiola – I love the cream sauce and adding chicken to the pasta dish is my go-to.
What makes Casula Mall a great part of the community?
Definitely the multi-culturalism of the local community. There’s nothing like it. We get to meet and serve so many families of different backgrounds and I love bringing them all together over a shared love of Italian food.