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Coles Supermarket Temporary Changes

Coles have recently announced a temporary change to their trading hours to help safeguard the wellbeing of their customers and team members, while ensuring they can continue to provide food and groceries.

From Wednesday 18 March, all Coles supermarkets will open from 7am and close at 10pm, to give their stores the time and space to replenish stock and allow them to extensively clean each store every night.

Coles are also launching a dedicated “Community Hour” on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 7am - 8am in all supermarkets to improve access to essential groceries for all customers, including the elderly and disadvantaged plus their carers, neighbours and friends to access. See here for identification requirements. 

The store has also implemented an hour for essential service workers to shop from 7am - 8am on Tuesday and Thursdays. 

On weekends, the store is open 7am - 10pm for everyone at the same time. 

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