5 Winter Warmer Recipes That Everyone Will Love

When the weather starts to cool down, it can only mean one thing — it’s time to heat things up in the kitchen! Whether it’s a creamy curry or an aromatic soup, winter comfort foods are the perfect way to beat the chill and soothe your soul. The best part about these recipes, is that, you don’t need to spend hours standing on your cold kitchen tiles to make them! Whether you’re dining solo or as a couple or family, here are 5 winter warmer recipes that are delicious and easy to make.

1. Slow-cooked beef casserole

This hearty winter classic will warm you up on even the coldest nights. Not only is it filling and satisfying, but it’s a great way to sneak more immunity-boosting veggies into dinner. Perfect for anyone cooking for kids!
To make it, cut some beef into small chunks and throw in a slow-cooker with veggies like celery, carrot and potato. Add beef stock, Worcestershire sauce and some flour or cornstarch for the stew. Also, add in some garlic, salt, pepper and bay leaves for extra flavour. Set it and forget it for 7 to 8 hours and let the tantalising aroma fill your home! Don’t have a slow cooker? No problem! You can also cook this in a large pot — just be sure to adjust the cooking time. 

Slow-cooked beef casserole

2. Mushroom and chicken risotto

It’s hard to go wrong with this Italian-inspired rice dish. From the soft-yet-chewy rice to the buttery mushroom and sharp Parmesan, it’s truly a delight to the senses. Cook the onion, mushroom and chicken (skinless breast works best) in a pan with butter. Then, in a separate pot, cook the rice in a white wine broth for 25 to 30 minutes until the rice is tender. Stir through your chicken, mushroom and parmesans and you’re ready to dive into this delectable dish.

Mushroom and chicken risotto

3. Creamy pumpkin soup

There’s something so comforting about a piping hot bowl of pumpkin soup. It’s like a warm hug on a cold winter’s day (or evening!) It’ll satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and works well for both lunch and dinner. Talk about versatile!  
To make it, cook peeled pumpkin, onion, garlic, broth or stock and water in a pot for about 15 minutes, or until the pumpkin is tender. Then, transfer it a blender or food processor to blend it smooth, adding cream or milk for extra creaminess. For some extra crunch, sprinkle some crushed nuts on top or serve with toasted sourdough or garlic bread.

Pumpkin Pie

4. Spiced fish curry

Many people associate eating fish with the warmer months. But, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy its health-boosting benefits all year round! This fragrant fish curry is an excellent way to incorporate seafood into your diet in winter. The turmeric and coconut lend this dish and Indian-inspired flavour that balances out any ‘fishy’ taste. 
To make it, cook the onion in a paste of chilli, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Then, add coconut milk, stock, spices and curry leaves and bring to a simmer. Add a fish like whiting and cook for four minutes or until done. Pair with basmati rice and season with lime juice, salt and pepper. 

Fish Curry

5. Cinnamon apple pie

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert! With its flaky, buttery crust oozing with warm, sweet-tart flavours, the apple pie is the ultimate after-dinner delight. The key to elevating this classic dessert even more? A generous sprinkling of cinnamon!
To make it, peel and thinly slice apples and combine them with brown sugar, cinnamon and lemon. You can also use canned apple if you’re short on time! Then, grab your pre-made pie crust (or, make your own from puff pantry if you feel like going the extra mile) and spoon your apple mixture inside. Bake for around 20 minutes until the pastry turns golden brown, then slightly reduce oven temperature and cook for another 20 minutes until it’s a lovely golden brown. Serve with custard or cream and let the warm slices melt in your mouth!


From mid-week dinners to weekend comfort food, having these winter warming recipes in your rotation will help you survive the chillier months!